1 ianuarie 2022 20:00
Lux Divina, Brasov


New Year, New Feels is a boutique event presented by PICNIC FONIC and UNUM, running over two nights, with limited capacity to preserve the cosiness of the event.
The wind arose with a mighty rustling, and cleared the mist away, then the sun shone out warmly.
2022 was a year about unity, friends, fun and gratitude. We look ahead to a 2023 at least as special together with you.
Picnic Fonic for the last meeting of 2022 is off on a city break, where better to spend the transition between years than in Brasov joining forces with UNUM.
An event where you can be exactly how you want to be. Want to look stylish as the years go by? Feel free to do it, and if you want to tackle a casual style it's just as well. Our only wish is your well-being.
Well-styled: the venue and décor are well thought out and consistently styled to create an overall mood and feel that is one of a kind.
Cezar b2b Praslea
Mihai Pol b2b Mera
Nu Zau
Priku b2b Raresh
1st release tickets: 150 LEI (only 100)


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