“Bogdan is back ! As one of the Local Records founders he launches the Local sound with a new change in style …”

We could say "hybrid" is the defining word for our artist's work to date.
From serialist music to what Bogdan himself likes to describe as balearic dub -a warm, organic and slow, 90 BPM type of music- he now switched things to a whole new dimension: Cosmic techno. 4/4 dancing with a disco heart.Bogdan just doesn't seem to like his style of music to be pigeonholed. Leaving behind the experimental production and exploring even more the dance side of things, he was invited to open up for artists like Lindstrom, In Flagranti, Joakim or Byetone. If you haven't seen Bogdan performing live, then you're in for a treat: a journey starting from his experimental beginnings to contemporary dance music and all points in between, never forgetting the warm, emotional sounds that we link Bogdan to.

 "…while producing electronic tracks, basically I pass unchallenged by the sounds I consider relevant to my artistic message and I let myself unbounded in a process of live music manufacture."


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