Herodot first discovered music as something fascinating by the age of six. His mother had bought him and his sister a turntable, in order to play classical music and fairytales. This may have been the start of a mystery yet to be unraveled. As Herodot put it himself, 'my first impulse was to scratch the record.' Although he laid hands on decks the first time in 2004, one could say the urge to experiment and explore has been within him ever since his young eyes saw a needle touch the record. This explains why by the age of nineteen he found himself working in a recording studio. 
This was a wonderful opportunity for Herodot to see the production of a wide range of different music styles- something truly important, in order to fully appreciate electronic music. He was recording voice overs for tv and radio commercials, editing commercials, mixing and recording with all kinds of different contemporary bands and musicians. He observed his boss making music and play various musical instruments. Naturally this phase formed Herodot's aptitude for musical understanding, hence already the first records which had impact on his taste and style (Rhythm & Sound records, Tobias East - Solid State, NSI - Clara Ghavami Extended, Markus Nikolai - work out, and many more) were of sophistication. In his music and mixing today one can hear a full amount of appreciation for past sound, paired with attempts to discover novice. However to Herodot it's not important whether a certain style can be recognized, much more whether his productions and his mixing develops in harmony and depth. Whether he dedicates to a more minimal, house or then like sound, it will be convey depth. Maybe the culture at home, an education with few restrictions and an emphasis on openness, enabled Herodot to maintain a mind ready to perceive new and appreciate the yet existing. 

Artists which heavily influenced Herodots youth were musical innovators such as Danny Howells, John Digweed, Robag Wruhme, Josh Wink, Ricardo Vilallobos, Underworld, Richie Hawtin, Lee Burridge, Sven Weismann, Monotax and his fellow landsman Rhadoo. 2000 and plus Herodot developed a passion for the DJ booth. The fascination for the technical side of the booth, the buttons and cables, remained from his time in the recording studio. Together with his Romanian college Kozo Herodot started to gather his first mixing experiences, largely during vacations, at a beach terrace. By the time Herodot had brought a pair of turntables and a mixer into his possession, his path was then crossed by the now much appreciated Praslea and Cezar. Together they were using every spare minute to do what they love most: mix, play, listen, experiment.

Soon he ends up in the Sunrise Booking Agency rooster. First lessons taught him that he wants to be serious about his music, not to see it as a job, but as a passion. Nonetheless he understands the limit between parties and playing and producing. Herodot shared decks with artists like Marco Carola, Magda, Ryan Crosson, Daniel Bell, Barem, Seph, Onur Ozer, Troy Pierce and Ptc, Praslea, Valentino Kanzyani, Kozo, El Cezere, Whatever During the last years, he focused on production and the first success already came as his colleagues RPR Sound included his song in their mix for Circoloco's 10 anniversary. He promised he won't stop here.

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